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Bikingear have a successful presence on eBay and Amazon via 3 trading names ‘Bikingear / Bids for Bikes / Bids for Cycles’. A solution was required to streamline growth without the requirement for additional software or increase in skill resource.

TymeOnline provided a perfect solution allowing Bikingear to outsource the running of their sales channel growth, allowing them to concentrate on identifying new products and suppliers to support the growth.


In order to grow the product range quickly we integrated product feeds from the suppliers.  This gave instant access to a huge stock portfolio which we could go to market with.

Bikingears first ever website has also been developed to compliment the marketplace channels.

  • EBay UK
  • Amazon UK
  • Magento Website
Services Used:
  • Marketplace Account setup
  • Creative Templates / Branding
  • Photography /Editing
  • Product Listing
  • Market research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Integrations
  • Training & Consultancy


We had already been trading online via Ebay and Amazon, for several years, with continued success, but as most businesses find, it comes to a point, where you need to take the next step, whatever that is, to carry on pushing your business, and continuing to grow

I was put in touch with Ian (from Tymeonline), through a mutual contact, and straightaway, i could see that the answers he had for me, where exactly the correct answers to achieve that growth

Another avenue, which we had been burnt on in the past, was an ecommerce website, which Ian, identified as being vital, and from his past record as proof, could confirm this would be a success for us, which was very encouraging

Ian, having already run a successful business, offers confidence and an almost guarantee to succeed, if you follow the correct steps

We have enjoyed a very good relationship in the past 10 months we have worked together, and the team are always happy to help and assist, with any query you have, which is vital, as a strong working relationship is needed

We have dealt with many companies in the past, promising the earth, and not delivering, and it takes a company like Tyme, to restore your faith


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