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Beagle Orthopaedic are a UK based manufacturer and supplier of Orthopaedic products. Having supplied NHS clinicians for nearly 7 years they looked at expanding the business by offering their products online. Entering a whole new market required an all new skill set which was not available internally.

TymeOnline evaluated the industry by analysing the sector and researching competitors.

We identified the first target market which was eBay but had to look at a trading name to go to market.  Solace Bracing was born and TymeOnline set about creating the branding and store designs.

After automating the stock link by integrating into Sage we went to market on eBay UK, followed by Amazon.

  • EBay UK
  • Amazon UK
Services Used:
  • Marketplace Account setup
  • Creative Templates / Branding
  • Photography /Editing
  • Product Listing
  • Market research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Integrations
  • Training & Consultancy


We know how to effectively market & sell our products to our customer base. However, selling online was an alien concept to us & filled us with a sense of trepidation

Our limited knowledge of all things online meant we sought expert help. Unfortunately, we had approached other online consultants to utilise their knowledge & the end result was spending thousands of pounds to yield almost zero results

Almost at the point of abandoning the e-commerce plans, we had been put into contact with Ian @ TymeOnline & things changed!

We finally had a company who gave us clear advice & carried out the work for us. Ian’s knowledge & helpfulness is second to none & a polar opposite to what we had received in the past

Already we are seeing results, sales & the new opportunities to expand our market

My only regret is not having come across Tyme online many years ago


Operations & Logistics Manager | Beagle Orthopaedic