On Wednesday the 4th of September, the Autumn 2019 eBay Seller Release will be published. It’s somewhat unusual for eBay to give advance notice but this is the second eBay Seller Release where eBay have given advance notice of the publication date – last time eBay CEO Devin Wenig announced the update was coming on Twitter.

Whilst the announcement is aimed at US sellers, we know that seller releases are timed to be published at the same time worldwide, so we would expect the UK Autumn 2019 eBay Seller Release to come at the same time as well as on all other EU eBay sites.

What to expect from the Autumn 2019 eBay Seller Release

The question sellers will have is what to expect – we know that there will be more mandatory Item Specifics imposed as eBay have already given 8 weeks nottice coming into effect in October.

It’s possible that there will be announcements around eBay Payments, but these are likely to be limited to the US and Germany as we aren’t expecting to see eBay Payments in the UK before July 2020 at the earliest.

It will also be interesting to watch for announcements around Fulfillment for eBay, known as eBay Managed Shipping. This is live in Germany, the US and Australia.