About This Project

Paper Cup Company are a Lancashire based manufacturer of printed paper cups. Having supplied businesses for over 13 years, Paper Cup Company looked to expand their business by offering their products directly to consumers via eBay and Amazon.

As Paper Cup Company did not have the skill set required internally, TymeOnline were able to offer an outsourced service that allowed a growth in revenue from two new sources without having to take their internal focus away from their successful B2B business.

TymeOnline began the process of registering Paper Cup Company on eBay and Amazon and worked on the design and creation of their Store and Listing templates.

Within a matter of months of launching Paper Cup Company on eBay, the store had achieved Top Rated and Premium seller status. With excellent feedback on both eBay and Amazon, their online marketplace business has grown from strength to strength and has seen growth Y.O.Y since launching in 2017.

With TymeOnline managing their product catalogue, marketing and growth of their online stores, Paper Cup Company are able to spend valuable internal resource on other areas of their business.

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