About This Project

A family owned, family run company with over 70 years’ experience in the Party Supplies industry, Peeks of Bournemouth looked to TymeOnline for a solution to build on their existing success as a retailer.

We then created Peeks of Bournemouth’s eBay and Amazon accounts which included the creation of store designs and listing the full inventory on both channels.

Within 3 months of opening their online marketplace stores, Peeks of Bournemouth saw incredible growth in their online sales and reached Top Rated Seller level. With TymeOnline fully managing their online marketplaces, this allowed Peeks to dedicate time and resource to grow their eCommerce Website.

To ensure stock is managed efficiently, automated stock links have been created between Peeks’ own stock management software and both eBay and Amazon.

TymeOnline routinely monitor and update Peeks of Bournemouth’s eBay and Amazon inventory in accordance with seasonal and current events.

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