Selling on eBay: Eco-Conscious Sustainable Profits

Selling on eBay

Discover why brands love selling on eBay

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, staying on-trend isn’t just about chasing the latest fashion fads. It’s about aligning your brand with the values and expectations of the modern consumer. Sustainability and eco-consciousness have become buzzwords in the world of retail, and one way that’s making it easier for brands to hop on the trend is by selling on eBay.

In 2022, eBay stood up and made clear their ambitions of helping the UK become eco-friendlier. eBay became the headline sponsor and first preloved fashion partner of Love Island. A campaign that saw Google searches for ‘eBay preloved’ increase by 881% (Retail Gazette), and an increase in new companies selling on eBay – 24% so far in 2023 (Marketing Week).

eBay also launched their ‘Imperfects’ offering (the supermarket equivalent to wonky veg) in a bid to reduce shoppers’ carbon footprint and fashion spend during the cost-of-living crisis. Featuring clothes, shoes, and accessories from over 100 high street brands and high-end designers (from North Face, Timberland and Puma to Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Versace), the range consolidates eBay’s positioning as the marketplace of choice if you’re looking to balance CSR with sales.

In this blog, we’ll explore how brands can embrace sustainability and achieve a profit on eBay by selling their own imperfect, refurbished, old stock, and even preloved stock from product returns.

Why eBay? A Win-Win for Brands and the Planet

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of what they buy, and they’re actively seeking more sustainable shopping options. eBay, as one of the largest online marketplaces, provides a space where brands can participate in the circular economy, reduce waste, and appeal to eco-conscious shoppers.

The benefits of selling on eBay go beyond your bottom line:

1. Create a sustainable image

eBay has been a pioneer in promoting sustainability by creating a dedicated platform for imperfect, refurbished, out of season and preloved items. In eBay’s 2022 Recommerce Report, 42% its of customers cite a desire to reduce waste and environmental concerns as a key motivator in purchasing resale items. Brands can leverage this platform to align their brand with eco-friendly values.

2. Expand your customer base and attract the conscious consumer

Consumers who are passionate about sustainability are actively looking for brands that align with their values. By listing imperfect, refurbished, preloved and old stock on eBay, you can tap into this growing demographic, go direct to the consumer, and expand your customer base.

3. Reduce excess inventory and costs to boost profit margins

Overstocked inventory can be a headache for e-commerce brands. eBay offers an effective solution by allowing you to clear out excess stock while turning it into a profit – not just a trick for Black Friday. This not only helps declutter your storage space but also boosts your profit margins. Did you know that every 10 seconds, a refurbished tech item is sold on eBay?

4. The power of a circular economy: eBay sustainability

eBay supports a circular economy where imperfect, refurbished, out of season and preloved items find new homes instead of ending up in landfills. By embracing this philosophy, brands contribute to a greener future while bolstering their bottom line. eBay alone helped save 17,770 tonnes of fashion items from entering landfill in 2021 (that’s over 1,400 double decker buses!).

The imperfects and preloved trend is more than just a passing phase; it’s a movement towards a sustainable future in e-commerce. eBay’s marketplace provides an ideal platform for brands to profit while embracing eco-consciousness. By selling on eBay and listing imperfect, refurbished, out of season and pre-owned items, brands can align with modern consumer values, reduce excess inventory, and contribute to a more sustainable retail landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this transformative way to go green and make a profit.

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